Calculator: Vampire Thermodynamics

Vampire bodies are not self-heating; even if we assume that their body temperatures stay within a certain range, they should still absorb the relative heat of their environment, and heat/cool according to known physical laws.
So, if a vampire spends their time in a cool crypt, how long would it take for their body to adjust to room temperature? Check it out below.
If a vampire spent the entire day 10°C
And then they go 18°C

Temperature per hour

Temperature per minute

The calculation uses the cooling principle of a dead body (since, well, vampires...) -- it is the same principle used to calculate time of death according to the temperature of the body and ambient temperature.

T(t) = T[environment] + (T[initial] - T[environment])*e^(-kt)

Where k is the cooling constant of the body: -0.223